Amazon Breakthrough
Novel Award – Semifinalist

This topical novel, in which middle-aged Stanford psychologist George Harris reluctantly questions Al Qaeda operative Khalil, could have gone the sensationalist route — and indeed, in Khalil’s flashbacks, there’s plenty of gut-wrenching action — but, thankfully, the narrative is bold and thought-provoking. The prison interviews are anything but static: the framing device affords a remarkable measure of insight into the evolving thought processes of both men, as George carefully studies his captive and slowly breaks down his defenses using chocolate bars and “Don Quixote.” The near-certitude of an imminent attack lends their exchanges a compelling urgency, as do interpolated scenes depicting the backstory of a sociopathic chemistry student charged with carrying out bombings. The author appears extremely knowledgeable about the psychology of terrorism and, writing with a natural grace, succeeds in converting theories into credible, engaging fiction. — Publishers Weekly

The books grabs and holds your attention in amazing way, and yet manages to provide serious insights. A very talented writer. I am looking forward to reading her future works. — Kristina B. Christina Jones (Amazon Reviewer)

Khalli’s scouting out the location in London for a bomb when a bobby arrests him. I’m so there. We’re talking this Al Quaeda terrorist is right in a crowded shopping area full of innocent people… Next, we move to a psychologist, George, whose paper on terrorism brought him to the attention of the CIA.

Suspense Thriller is formulaic and Megan Lisa Jones has the formula down. She caught my attention with the grabber and she kept me going by involving me with the next character introduced. There’s nothing slowing this story down — no speedbumps of too much backstory, passive language, a start nowhere near the action.

Well done, Ms Jones. Thanks for an excellent read and good luck.

— R. Kyle ( Amazon Reviewer)

Megan Jones is a terrific writer. I was completely engrossed in the story. Her intimate familiarity with this multi- faceted subject is practically uncanny. I wish the book were already available so that I could continue my intense experience.
— Tyler (Amazon Reviewer)

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was very well written and an intriguing thriller. It has many twist and turns to keep ones interest and a topic that one can really relate to these days. As I was getting engulfed into the story and the characters I was sorry it only had one chapter. — Jay (Amazon Reviewer)

Beautifully written and absolutely haunting. This page-turner of a novel is also that rare hybrid–it is also an extraordinarily literate novel that announces a talented author. The author shows an astute understanding of human psychology and her characters are so real, that you expect them to be quietly breathing down your neck. — Caroline Leavitt (Amazon Reviewer)

A good read. Set in a spy thriller genre, chasing terrorists, Jones explores Post-Bush and Post 9/11 attitudes and ideas towards terrorism. The author has a keen eye for the unobserved and highlights the potential implications and ramifications of a policy that has shifted away from enemy-combatants and back towards respecting the legal and constitutional rights of the detained.

If you enjoy thrillers Jones is quite possibly the next Clancy, Kalla, or Lundlum. Would like to see it completed! A+++

— Simon J. Galbraith (Amazon Reviewer)

True to multiple meanings of its title, Captive, grabs you and keeps you in its thrall for all of the pages in this excerpt. I hope that it wins simply so I can find out what happens to these well-drawn characters.

It’s interesting to read a story which makes the headlines about terrorism personal – an engaging read.

— Amy Sommer (Amazon Reviwer)

I think Captive could most definitely hold its own among the many suspense thrillers I’ve read from my father’s extensive collection. Each character drew me in, and I was impressed with the author’s ability to create sympathy for each, along with a chilling fear of some, despite the extreme diversities in their backgrounds. I look forward to reading how these three parallel stories unfold and converge.

— RS Mori (Amazon Reviewer)