Megan Lisa Jones

“Religions don’t kill; people kill.”

By background, I grew up in and out of Silicon Valley. I’ve been told that my early days were spent crawling in dirt, playing with earthworms and fallen cherries. I remember little. We moved to the colder Boston with its snow angels and the introduction of my little brother.

I started climbing trees and learned to read. There was no going back.

Over time, my interests expanded to include dolls, swimming, yoga, jogs and travel. A child of immigrants, I spent every other summer with my dad’s parents on their farm in Wales. I wandered the fields with cows and horses, or spent time exploring ruined castles. My mother’s side of the family was from Poland (communist then) and their home was too difficult to visit but I listened enthralled by stories of WW II and what followed.

I daydreamed.

Eventually, I worked for Merrill Lynch, went to law school, passed the Bar exam and went right back into finance on Sand Hill Road. How to explain the days of the Internet boom? Crazy? Yes. But full of promise. My focus was in evolving or emerging industries. Networking. Digital media. The whole online experience. The hype ended up understating how our lives would change. I learned so much from those entrepreneurs working to impact the world’s future.

I married had two children and divorced. I also wrote a book: Captive.

Watching my country – America – bombing Iraq, killing children, while holding my own baby in my arms moved me deeply. And I’d always wanted to write a book so I decided that this topic would be the start. Having spent time in London during the IRA bomb scares growing up I’m not very sympathetic to those who target civilians. Yet who is the ultimate arbiter of global justice? Choosing to write about some of those questions in the contexts of two men’s lives, I signed up for writing classes at UCLA extension. I started with a sentence. Then a paragraph; until I had a book. It was a finalist in an Amazon new novel competition…I got an agent and lost the agent…then went with a smaller publisher (retaining all rights).

Captive was the first book promoted as part of BitTorrent/Clearbits’s new artist program and got over 550,000 global downloads. We used a Creative Commons license. I now have new fans/friends scattered around the world. I’m still writing, advising younger companies and pondering the futures of education, media and technology.

I live in Santa Monica with my two kids and two petite Persian cats. My favorite places (and I’ve traveled so very, very much) are home, the local beach or yoga class. Bora Bora is a distant next.

I just got my first Mac (love…less so my iPad) and yell at anyone who touches my Kindle. I’m still enraptured by reading and old fashioned paper editions are my main attempt at decorating.

And I increasingly believe that those of us who won the lottery of life by being born in a safe and somewhat stable place owe much to those who don’t. We all face ourselves and our God in the end.

Megan has a blog, MeganScribbles, click here to view.

Megan is also currently working on the sequel to “Captive,” and is open to reader suggestions.