Escape is the sequel to Captive and carries forward the story of Khalil, an Islamic terrorist, and George, his ex-interrogator. Much has changed for both men since Khalil shot George and escaped his captivity. Khalil’s interests have shifted toward political assassination and revolution as the world continues to be rocked by the repercussions of the Arab Spring and Iran’s saber rattling. He has also fallen in love. Propelled by his new fame, George has taken a job as the host of a political commentary show. Induced to face the mobs in Cairo, George finds the tables have turned and he is now the one being pursued. Will Khalil succeed at his Manhattan based assassination plan and plunge the world into turmoil? Can George track his more unstable adversary as the threats of one man increase with the stakes of his new focus? Part thriller and part a story of people and how relationships impact their actions, Escape closes with a surprise.

While the book is a sequel it also works as a stand alone book.

Captive has had over 600,000 downloads through its distribution partnership with BitTorrent and Clearbits and is also available through more traditional means.